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OM at work

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What you will only get from OM


One provider addressing all employee health from the head down.


The most highly accredited, globally renowned experts.


Actionable health guides for positive health outcomes.


Accessible anytime, anywhere, and in over 50 languages.


Engagement, engagement,



Low cost per employee, advanced admin reports, simple integrations.

Employee Health from the head down

To attain genuine well-being and longevity, we must actively nurture all aspects that impact our health. That's why OM covers it all - from mental and physical health prevention and management tools, to support with chronic health conditions (migraines, diabetes, PCOS, cancer, obesity, insomnia, etc.), to navigating health milestones like pregnancy, postpartum or menopause.


OM’s breadth of health subjects covered means that you no longer need multiple providers offering different 'one-off' solutions - that end up costing more. With OM, you achieve significant cost savings and employees experience healthier outcomes.

Employee Health Pitch Deck - On going.png
Employee Health Pitch Deck - On going.png

Why partner with OM?

Partnering with OM demonstrates an unwavering commitment to your employees by empowering them to achieve healthier outcomes in the health matters that matter to them.

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