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Rachel Sufczynski MSES, CEP

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Rachel Sufczynski MSES, CEP is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in exercise, nutrition, and self-care behaviors, and behavior change. She is a certified through the American College of Sports Medicine and has a Master of Science in Exercise Science from George Washington University.

Rachel is passionate about health and wellness and is an expert in translating scientific guidelines to real life behavior change. In clinical practice, she works with individuals and groups to make health focused behaviors accessible and palatable with an emphasis on moving away from “all or nothing thinking” in order to identify areas where realistic change is possible. By reframing what success and progress look like, Rachel helps patients build intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy, allowing them to find and sustain healthy behaviors. In addition to individual and group sessions, Rachel has designed and administrated wellness programs and seminars such as Motivation Mania and Maintaining Motivation

She also has an extensive background in health education and has been an adjunct professor in nutrition and exercise science at Trinity Washington University and Montgomery College.  As a research coordinator, Rachel co-authored and ran the FeelWell compression clinical trial, which analyzed the mobility, self-stigma, and pain of individuals diagnosed with obesity. She is currently focusing on health coaching and health education, and continues to promote women’s health as an advisory council member for HealthyWomen.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, reading historical fiction, doing yoga, and exercising. She loves being near the water and connecting with friends.

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