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80% of all chronic conditions can be prevented 

"People fear unhealthy aging because of the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases that come with it.  But in fact, the world health organisation has identified that 80% of these chronic diseases of aging are PREVENTABLE." Cassandra Szoeke, Director of the Healthy Aging Program at the University of Melbourne.

OM has brought together the best health experts that can help your employees understand how to thrive in midlife and beyond.

Boost Cognitive Power and Prevent Alzheimer's with Brain-Healthy Nutrition Now

In this cutting-edge masterclass based on Dr. Annie Fenn's newly released book Brain Health Kitchen, you will learn how certain dietary patterns can protect the brain from disease, boost cognitive power, and help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Dr. Fenn will review the science behind brain-protective diets and provide a toolbox of brain-friendly cooking techniques, recipes, and 10 brain-healthy food groups. You'll also learn the 6 foods to limit or avoid and gain a powerful understanding of how to approach food through the lens of brain health. Join us to discover the secrets to a healthier, stronger brain!

Dr. Annie Fenn, MD

Physician and Chef

Menopocalypse Masterclass

In this masterclass based on her Amazon bestselling book, MENOPOCALYPSE, Amanda Thebe brings you a refreshing approach to managing menopause symptoms, filled with tried-and-tested fitness tips, nutrition recommendations, and more.

Thebe cuts through the thicket of information (and misinformation) about menopause to demystify hormone replacement therapy, hormone-related stress, weight gain, poor energy, lack of sleep, and more.

Amanda Thebe

Menopause coach and educator

Pelvic Floor Health

Unfortunately, many women let pelvic floor issues affect their daily lives for years prior to seeking treatment, if at all. Many worry about coughing or sneezing in public for fear of having an accident, or avoid social and work situations, or being active.

BUT many forms of pelvic floor issues can be easily treated! Understand how and why in this class.

Hazel Walpole


Demystifying Pelvic Organ Prolapse

In this course we will learn what a pelvic organ prolapse is, who may be at risk, the symptoms and what treatment options are out there to help women maintain excellent quality of life and an active lifestyle.

Hazel Walpole


Secrets of Women’s Healthy Ageing: Living Better, Living Longer

This masterclass based on Professor Cassandra Szoeke’s book Secrets of Women's Healthy Ageing provides women with the keys to optimising their health and wellbeing into old age, alongside a crash course in today’s medicine to explain ‘why’, not just ‘what’.

Secrets of Women's Healthy Ageing draws on the findings of a unique study that has focused on the health of more than four hundred women in their mid-to-late lives. Over the past thirty years a team of international investigators has compiled a remarkable amount of data, aiming to raise awareness of modifiable risk factors in women's health. Their findings cover brain, heart and gut health, diet, sleep, exercise, and the benefits of socialising. But importantly, they highlight how the results relate directly to women's wellbeing.

Dr. Cassandra Szoeke

MD, Consultant Neurologist, Clinical Researcher

Brain health

This masterclass is designed for individuals who would like to optimize their brain health and prevent cognitive decline. Some may also be challenged with Brain fog--- this refers to problems with thinking, memory, and concentration, (but for many patients, it can be challenging to describe).

Smita Patel


Pelvic Pain

In this class we create a gentle and comfortable place where we can discuss and learn about pelvic pain syndromes in the knowledge that we are not alone and that help is at hand.

Hazel Walpole


Menopause: The Second Spring

Menopause is a period that can be isolating for a woman’s personal and professional life. In this session Dr. Katherine Dale will help you take stock of where you are and guide you in redirecting your energy into a place where you can use this time in your life to thrive both personally and professionally.

Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopathic Doctor

Hormone Repair Manual: Every Woman's Guide to Healthy Hormones After 40

In this masterclass you will discover how to navigate the change of perimenopause and relieve symptoms with natural treatments such as diet, nutritional supplements, and bioidentical (body-identical) hormone therapy.

Topics include:
Why everything is different after “second puberty.”
How perimenopause can be a tipping point for long-term health.
The four phases of perimenopause.
How testosterone and insulin cause weight gain.
How to speak with your doctor about hormone therapy including natural progesterone.
Treatment protocols for all common perimenopause symptoms including night sweats, insomnia, migraines, and heavy periods.
Risk reduction for osteoporosis, heart disease, and dementia.
Insights from Canadian endocrinology professor Jerilynn C. Prior.
Special topics such as insulin resistance and mast cell activation.
Suggested brands for supplements.

Lara Briden

Naturopathic Doctor

Exercising in mid-life

Exercise is one of the key anti-aging tools, but as we age, do we need to approach exercise differently and are we truly helping out bodies age better, or are we inadvertently accelerating aging? One of the biggest mistakes made during mid life is to exercise the same way you did as a much younger adult - more is not more.

Tricia Yap

Internationally accredited strength coach

The Targeted Dietary Plan for Perimenopause

“I just can’t eat like I used to” is one of the first signs that your body is shifting into the peri-menopause phase. Yes indeed, digestive issues are but the tip of the midlife iceberg. During this time your body can experience loss of muscle, hormone imbalances, loss of energy, impaired cognitive abilities.

Dr Emilie Berthet Clairet

Doctor in Medicine (FR)
Holistic Nutritionist
Certified in Sport and Nutrition

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