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Over 70% of the workforce have children 

OM's experts are here of your employees to guide them on the important factors that contribute to them being in optimal health during what is often the most physically and mentally challenging time of their lives.  From sleep to physical health during and after pregnancy, the OM Maternity & Paternity Health offer is the most comprehensive support you can offer to your employees.  

Our local counsellor network can also work with new moms to support them with re-integrating the workforce after maternity leave.

Postpartum Healing

From the moment you give birth, your body will begin its healing process. If you understand how to support your body during this time, you can heal yourself to a stronger state than even before getting pregnant.

In this class you will discover how to support the body’s natural healing process and to fuel your recovery so that you are stronger in body and mind than ever before.

Gigi Ngan

TCM Practitioner

Natal and Post-natal Sleep for Mommy and Baby

This talk will discuss the challenges of sleep, both pre-natal and post-natal and how to manage it in the best way possible. It will give practical tips on how to get the best sleep possible during these challenging times.

Kate Bridle

Sleep Physiologist

Prenatal Yoga for 1st Trimester

The discovery of a new pregnancy brings multiple transitions for a woman, which calls for a modified asana practice for women who wish to begin or continue a yoga practice throughout their pregnancy. This session is a gentler yoga practice with restorative and gentle flow alongside relaxation and intention setting to celebrate their new phase of life.

Nav Kumari

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Prenatal Yoga for 3rd Trimester

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time to prepare for labour and birth. This prenatal yoga session is aimed at sharing mindfulness and breathing tools that can assist with relaxation for good sleep and pain management for labour. You will relieve many aches & pains, and tone muscles to build endurance through asana practice. It introduces birth positions and ways to cultivate a positive mindset for an empowering birth.

Nav Kumari

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Healing the Body after a Pregnancy Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine views a pregnancy loss as a traumatic event that is more serious for the woman's health than the natural delivery of a baby after full term.

Gigi Ngan

TCM Practitioner

Your Pregnant Body - Limiting Aches and Pains

Being pregnant can be an overwhelming journey for many women and it is often a surprise how much the body changes... whether it’s physical or physiological. Understanding and being aware of what can happen to your body during the different stages of pregnancy is the key to a healthy journey and helps to create an healthy environment for your baby.

Juliette Dutois


Prenatal Yoga for 2nd Trimester

Usually known as the honeymoon of pregnancy when women start to feel increased levels of energy, less nausea and are delighted that their baby belly is actually starting to show. This session is aimed at sharing ways to nurture an optimal pregnancy using the yoga asana, intention setting and meditation techniques specifically suited for women during their 2nd Trimester.

Nav Kumari

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

From Lovers to Parents, and Back

This Intimacy and Connection class is designed to help you navigate the disruptive shifts in couple’s dynamics brought on by pregnancy and children and offer practical tips and strategies to rediscover or recreate your very own personal Lover’s Bubble.

Valentina Tudose

Relationship Coach

Prime Your Body for Pregnancy

This is the first class of the Getting Pregnant Naturally Series. It is 1hour and 30 minutes and it will cover the most important aspects of preparing your body for the expected pregancy.

Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopath Doctor

Exercise in Pregnancy

Did you know that the old adage "you should only do what you have done before" is very outdated?

If you are feeling a little confused by conflicting information about what you can and can't do at each of the 3 trimesters, and would like sensible, empowering and evidence-based advice from the most up-to-date guidelines, this class is for you!

Emma Warner

Women's Health Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Expecting Twins?

WOW you are expecting twins! What an amazing blessing, but also an experience that is unique on its own. As you will soon discover, your experience from pregnancy to the return home will have unique challenges that those around you, simply cannot understand or guide you on. This class is for twin mamas that are looking to understand how to best manage this amazing experience during their pregnancy and into the first year.

Gaelle Devins

Holistic Coach

Mummy Tummy - Understanding Diastasis

100% of pregnant women beyond 35 weeks have some degree of abdominal separation. It is normal. However for many women (39% at 6 month post-natal) this is still present post-natally and is associated with pelvic floor symptoms, back pain and reduced confidence in your appearance.

Trista Chan

Women's Health Physiotherapist

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