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OM Corporate Health 

Health is the ultimate glass ceiling

The development tools available to employees for the advancement in their careers must include support with the health realities which they will inevitably face while in the workforce.

OM brings together the most reputable panel of health experts from across the world here to support your employees with the health matters that matter to them.

Because up to 80% of all chronic diseases can be preventable - now you just need to know how.  OM's experts will get your employees there. 

Explore OM's Corporate Offer 

We work with employers and private medical insurers to provide individuals with physical, mental and emotional support when they need it most.


Unlike other platforms, however, our offerings go much deeper. We deal with some difficult, but important subjects that are almost never covered – pregnancy loss, menopause, twins support, pelvic floor, anxiety and brain fog.  These sensitive subjects won’t go away, which is why OM support breaks down barriers, puts the individual first and gets ahead of problems before it’s too late.

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Mental & Physical Health 

Mental & Physical Heath
Kissng the Newborn

Maternity & Paternity 

Maternity & Paternity Health
Business Meeting

Top-line Management Training on Sensitive Health Matters

Top-line Management
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