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While most people feel comfortable letting their boss know when they’ve caught a cold or sprained an ankle, it’s a lot harder to bring up other sensitive health challenges that so many are struggling with. OM has identified some of the most common health matters that employees struggle with that remain highly stigmatised.


Pregnancy, postpartum, miscarriage, menopause and stress are all issues that large number of individuals in the workforce struggle with.  The stigma and lack of information around these health matters prevents many people from seeking help and when they do, it can be daunting for managers to know how to respond. 


OM has partnered up with health experts and HR specialists to build specific training modules for managers that will prepare them to hold sensitive conversations with employees.  

Pregnancy & Postpartum

85% of women will become pregnant during their careers.

What to expect when your employees are expecting?

Miscarriage & Pregnancy loss

1 in 4 pregnancy ends in a miscarriage.

How do you respond to and support employees that experience this?


100% of your employees experience some degree of stress.

Understand the impact of stress and find out what tools can you implement to limit stress and support your employees?


3 in 5 menopausal women report symptoms that interfere or have a negative impact on their wellbeing.

Understand how to support women thrive during this time.

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