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​Gigi Ngan

Certified TCM Practitioner

Gigi is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner accredited from one of the most respected TCM universities in the world - Hong Kong University - and has practiced in numerous clinics and hospitals in Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Currently operating out of Chains Clinic, Gigi has developed a cult following of women who trust her expertise on issues from fertility to pregnancy, postnatal healing and skin conditions. She is enthusiastic about demystifying the TCM practice and supporting women everywhere in improving their health through the many therapies that TCM prescribes. 

Gigi has developed a modern approach to post-birth healing - The Healing Month, which integrates all the wisdom of TCM to support the new-mom in healing and makes it accessible to new mommies everywhere. 


- Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, MChinMed (Acup & Max), HKU BChinMed, HKU

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