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Gaelle Devins

Holistic Coach

The Happiness [People] Coach 

Having recently experienced the rich (and often chaotic) journey of becoming a mother to fraternal twins, Gaelle quickly realised that there was a real lack of resources to prepare her and others for twin-life. Determined to help, Gaelle used her corporate coaching and mentoring background to develop an innovative program to support future twin mamas. 

Currently partnered with various doctors, midwives, and hospitals throughout Switzerland, Gaelle's aim is to assist future mums on their magical journey. Gaelle’s vision is to guide, twin mamas providing them with the advice, tips, and tools they need to prepare during the pregnancy and most importantly, it is to enable them to cope during the return home. In addition, Gaelle is there to support mums that are struggling at any point during this beautiful and often intense time. 

Her unique approach, which combines holistic coaching of the mind, body, and soul, together with her gift to read and understand people, enables her to empower women to develop in their professional and personal lives. 

In addition to being a Holistic Coach, Gaelle is at the helm of Customer Experience globally for IWC Schaffhausen. Her passions include the outdoors, family and friends, the family dog Milka, coaching, spirituality, road cycling and strength training. 


- Holistic Life & Business Coach – Danielle Brault International School 

- Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication – Golden Gate University San Francisco

Gaelle's OM Class

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