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The sessions can fill up quick, so if you do not find a spot, or the times available do not work for you, please reach out at and we will work together to find a solution for you.

Expecting Twins?

Duration: 1h30

Live online session with the expert: $ 150 USD

WOW you are expecting twins! What an amazing blessing, but also an experience that is unique on its own. As you will soon discover, your experience from pregnancy to the return home will have unique challenges that those around you, simply cannot understand or guide you on. This class is for twin mamas that are looking to understand how to best manage this amazing experience during their pregnancy and into the first year.

Gaelle Devins, a mother of fraternal twins, has turned her coaching skills to support twin mamas along this incredible journey. She knows first-hand how unique and at times lonely this experience can be, and has created this course to give twin mamas as much support to make it – at least in the planning - a bit easier.

This class is split into 3 main parts:
- A twin pregnancy is NOT the same
- Get ready for the return home
- Twin babies must haves to make that first year much easier

In each part Gaelle will explain what to expect and share some super helpful tips to hopefully save you some time when you will not have any to spare.

Gaelle sees this class as an amazing “I wish I was aware of all this when I got pregnant with twins” first step and welcomes twin mamas at any stage of their journey for support and guidance.

Yes, having twins is intense – intense in love and can be intense and challenging in many other ways that you did not expect. It’s for those times that Gaelle wishes to be there for mamas.

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