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Chloey Turner

Yoga Practitioner

For the last twelve years Chloey has toured the world as the principal lead dancer in Riverdance, co-founded the weighted activewear brand Kilogear CUT and is a fully qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Today, she advocates positive mental health and wellbeing through various speaking engagements, workshops and classes for both youth and mature audiences.

Whilst Chloey can look back at her achievements and feel extremely proud of what she has achieved, she also remembers how often she struggled throughout her journey. Knowing that constant discipline, determination and passion are required to become successful is one thing, but the reality is it can be extremely difficult to practice if you struggle with your mental health. For years, Chloey struggled with often crippling anxiety and depression, therefore finding it very challenging to feel peace, ease and happiness consistently.

Toward the end of her professional dance career Chloey found yoga and mindfulness meditation. This practice has become life changing for her.

“Anxiety and depression didn’t seem to be spoken about as much when I was a young girl. Anxiety affects many of us. The good news is there are some wonderful tools to better manage anxiety. My goal is to invite women into a safe space to connect with themselves and to nourish their mind, body and soul in a holistic way.  Yoga, meditation and breathwork has been scientifically proven to be very effective in coping with life’s challenges, overwhelming emotions and anxiety. I am incredibly happy and grateful to be able to give back and share this beautiful practice with you.”


  • Nasm personal trainer

  • 200 hour yoga instructor

  • 300 hour Yoga.Psyche.Soul training with Ashley Turner

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