Exercise in Pregnancy

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $100 USD

One-on-One Session: $200 USD

Expert: Emma Warner, Women's Health Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Empowering mums with the do's and don'ts of exercise during pregnancy

This class is for all women who would like more information about what they are able to do in pregnancy, and how to exercise safely and effectively for maximum benefit for you and your baby.

Did you know that the old adage "you should only do what you have done before" is very outdated?

If you are feeling a little confused by conflicting information about what you can and can't do at each of the 3 trimesters, and would like sensible, empowering and evidence-based advice from the most up-to-date guidelines, this class is for you!

Emma Warner is qualified personal trainer specialising in Women's Health rehabilitation and a UK trained medical doctor, with a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine. She has guided and supported many women through their pre- and post-natal fitness journey (or journeys!) from those who have never exercised before their pregnancy to National athletes aspiring to get back to their sport as a Mother.

In this class, Emma will share with you:
- What you CAN do in pregnancy!
- Things to avoid - and how to gauge the appropriate intensity for you
Contraindications to exercise in pregnancy
Common myths - dispelling the myths surrounding exercise in pregnancy
Pelvic floor tips - why it is more than just Kegels
Core training - what you need to know
Running - can I keep running in pregnancy?
Things to look out for when exercising - signs you may need to stop or slow down and when to speak to your OBGYN.

This is a private consultation between yourself and Emma. During this one-hour online discussion you’ll learn in depth about your body and how to best adapt the exercise routine to your needs during pregnancy.