Women's Health Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Emma Warner is a Clinical Specialist Trainer in Women's Health at Joint Dynamics. Over her 4 years working in Hong Kong she has guided and supported many women through their pre- and post-natal fitness journey (or journeys!) from those who have never exercised before their pregnancy to National athletes aspiring to get back to their sport as a Mother. 

As a qualified personal trainer specialising in Women's Health rehabilitation and a UK trained medical doctor (not yet licensed to practice in Hong Kong) with a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Emma has a broad and varied background enabling her to empathise with the women she works with - the best thing she has had the privilege to do as a doctor is to deliver a baby! 

As a keen athlete herself, Emma is passionate about how exercise can empower women, both physically and mentally, and loves seeing the positive changes that her work brings out in her clients. 


- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) York, UK 

- Master of Sports Medicine and Health Sciences (MSc), University of Hong Kong, HK 

- Certification in Applied Functional Science, The Grey Institute, USA 

- Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) The National Academy of Sports Medicin