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The sessions can fill up quick, so if you do not find a spot, or the times available do not work for you, please reach out at and we will work together to find a solution for you.

Surviving Zoom fatigue

Duration: 1 Hour

Live online session with the expert: $150 USD

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When you're required to take part in multiple video calls each day it will ultimately take its toll on your mental stamina and create acute physical strains and pains.

The main causes linked to Zoom fatigue are 1. excessive amounts of eye contact is intense, 2. constantly observing yourself on video chats is exhausting 3. Video chats drastically reduce our mobility and 4. the cognitive load is heavier during video calls.

The good news is that through exercises, it is possible to change the way you present in front of a camera and bring relief to those musculoskeletal issues.

This Masterclass aims to support you to reduce and even eliminate the physical strain that is put on the body and also equip you with the right tools to improve posture and enhance your image on and off the camera.

Grace Law, physiotherapist, has an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics with dual degrees in physiotherapy (Hong Kong) and kinesiology (Canada).

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