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Sheehan D. Fisher, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sheehan Fisher is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University, with a research specialization in understanding mothers and fathers unique contributions to the family and child health. His goal is to promote health, equality, and resilience within families.

Dr. Fisher obtained his doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Iowa, where he began his training. He then went on to complete his internship and postdoctoral studies at Northwestern University before joining the faculty as a researcher and clinician. In his role as an Associate Professor, he focuses on researching mood disorders in mothers and fathers during the perinatal period, investigating the impact of psychosocial stress on parental mood, parenting practices, and the long-term health outcomes of infants and children. 

Dr. Fisher actively publishes articles and delivers presentations on his perinatal research. Additionally, he specializes in providing clinical services in two main areas: perinatal mental health for both mothers and fathers, and performance optimization for individuals in high-pressure professions. His expertise has led him to engage in public speaking engagements, project consultations, OpEd writing, and media interviews on various subjects, including father involvement in the family, gender equality in parenting roles, effective parenting strategies, and stress management techniques for optimizing performance.

Above all, Dr. Fisher cherishes his role as a father to his spirited and courageous daughter. His lifelong aspiration to become a father has been surpassed by the joy and fulfillment he experiences in raising her.


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