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Sanchita Daswani

Nutrition Consultant

Sanchita Daswani is a Nutrition Consultant for Babies and Toddlers who focuses on guiding and empowering parents to confidently offer meals to their kids. She focuses on helping parents introduce solids to babies, creating balanced meal plans for toddlers, and helping parents create a positive and successful mealtime environment.

An Indian mom, born and brought up in the Caribbean, currently living in Hong Kong raising my twins. She realized early on that the first few years of life set a strong foundation for our future in terms of our health, eating habits, and nutrition.

When it came to introducing solids to her babies, it was a very daunting experience. With so much information out there, it was hard to navigate what would work best for them based on their diet and lifestyle. This experience paved the way for her to expand her knowledge and become a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

As a Consultant, she helps parents by:

  • Clearing all the confusion out there with the latest research and findings

  • Bringing confidence through knowledge that you are offering the most nutritious and balanced meals

  • Saving you time from doing all that research with set meal plans, routines, guides

  • Offering that one one-on-one support to help with any concerns along the way

We all strive to bring up healthy, happy kids. Let’s work together to bring about the changes that will have a positive impact on our children.


Instagram: @sanchitadaswani

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