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Nav Kumari

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of SATTRA Nav is a certified and experienced prenatal yoga teacher. She works with many pregnant women, assisting them to understand and work with their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental experience of pregnancy and birth. 

As a mother of three children born within 3 years, Nav connected with her own and many other women's experiences, and during her 3rd pregnancy she became a prenatal yoga teacher being trained and certified by Bhakti Wong in 2018. 

Nav Invites her pregnant students to tune into their inner wisdom through the benefits of yoga by incorporating breathwork, meditation, physical asana practice and affirmations. Her prenatal yoga education aims to bring tranquility and calmness to dissolve any birth related anxieties and use asana practice to ensure the mother stays in optimal physical health and mobility throughout her pregnancy. Her own quest to remain connected with her body and her babies led her to immerse deeply into the natural birth method for all three children, 2 of which were beautiful & peaceful home births in Hong Kong. Yet she fully supports and guides women’s choices in whatever type of birth they feel is best for them, natural, induced, elective c-section etc. 

Nav hosts regular webclasses, workshops, private sessions and retreats on prenatal yoga. She is passionate about empowering women throughout all stages of their journey. With a 15 year career history in global branding, Nav brings this experience to create inspiring and authentic wellness collaborations for all life stages. 


- Prenatal Yoga training at PURE Yoga HK a Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Bhakti Wong 

- Yoga Teacher Training & CET 2018 at PURE Yoga HK a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School with Samrat Dasgupta 

- Yoga Teacher Training & CET 2021 at PURE Yoga HK a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School with Patrick Creelman

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