Isabella OBRIST

Traditional Chinese Medicine Certified Practitioner

Isabella Obrist is a certified therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specialised in nutrition and 5 Elements cooking. She deciphers taoist wisdom concerning women and their specific needs into colourful, tasty and easy recipes for our modern lives. 

She studied TCM in France, Argentina and China in order to gain a holistic insight in health and environment. Her approach to women’s health is quite unique, as she has worked with women seeking to conceive, carry and give birth to healthy children for 25 years now. Her professional training in TCM, family constellations by Hellinger (himself) EFT, and Traditional Feng Shui gives her a global approach to our needs, everything that constitues a happy and health lifestyle for women and their families. 

Over thirty years of studying Chinese ancient texts and techniques with internationally recognized teachers, years of practice in TCM and Chinese dietetics make her a real ally for todays womanhood. Especially her intense study of plants and food, her love for flavours and 5 Elements cooking make her a versatile therapist and teacher. Her international identity as well as experience as a multicultural working mother made her gain in accessibility and practical experience, and her love to communicate all this to others in order to make their journey through the stages of life and motherhood smooth and joyful. 

Her own pregnancies have not been smooth journeys and Isabella knows first hand what it means to be go through stages of doubt, fear and stress which makes her not only a distinctive professional, but also a warm and thoughtful woman. Isabella is the author of 4 cookbooks in TCM and 5 Elements cooking and the taoist pregnancy guide "Petit Ventre Heureux attend un bébé".


- Diploma in Traditional Chinese Médecine, University of Shanghai , China and IMTC Paris 1994 

- Certification in QI Gong, Escuela de Naturopatias, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

- Certification / Spécialisation in Pharmacopée , IMTC France 1999 

- Studies in Family-Constellations with Bert Hellinger 

- Certification in EFT, by S. Nero , New York, USA, 

- Spécialisation in gynaecological-obstetrics through TCM , Ecole Lu Men, and SFI, France 

- Certification in European Plants in TCM by Dr Florian Ploberger, Vienna, Austria, 2019 

- Currently enrolled in a 2 year University Diploma, in Ethnomedecine, Inalco (Sorbonne) France