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Holly Bradich

Gut Health Nutritionist

Holly is a holistic nutritionist BSc., that offers a judgement-free, safe space, where she empowers her clients to understand the root causes of their chronic health issues and the power of the gut-brain connection.

Mental health always comes first; it's much easier to build healthy habits when you're feeling good.

Holly believes in enjoying food and listening to your gut. Instead of strict diets, she offers nutrition guidelines, recipes and inspiration.

With her extensive education in both nutrition and psychology (BSc., BA), Holly supports clients by creating personalized, gut-healing protocols so they can enjoy food again and feel good, both physically and mentally.

Holly specializes in:

- Digestive disorders: IBS, IBD, GERD, SIBO, gastritis, post-viral IBS

- Optimizing gut health for mental wellness

- Autoimmunity, chronic pain, chronic fatigue & burnout recovery

When you work with Holly you get personalized coaching, ongoing support, empowerment and inspiration to build upon your healthy habits until they become your new healthy lifestyle.

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