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Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopathic Doctor

During her 18-year practice as a Naturopath Dr. Katherine Dale, ND has focused on uncovering the mysteries of Women’s Health with a focus on normalizing the conversation around menstruation, menopause, and fertility. 

As a natural medicine doctor, Dr. Dale guides her patients to balance hormones, energy, and mood. She offers online courses on sleep, menstruation, fertility, self-care, and menopause. She provides specialized one-on-one healing consultations to those who are truly seeking an alternative way to heal and recover from illness. 

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Dr. Katherine has been practicing medicine globally treating patients in Toronto, California, NYC, Italy, London, and Hong Kong. As a Global Naturopath, she has learned to adopt her medicine to each location; using the native plants and practices of the local environment. Her collaborative project, MAD (Menstrual Awareness Day) has expanded her impact beyond her patients to have a global influence. 

In order to remain connected to her Natural Medicines (herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics) she regularly holds healing ceremonies and meditation classes. Dr. Katherine will guide you to connect to the cycles of the earth and your own cycles; allowing you to heal your heart, soul, mind, and body.

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