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Disha Narang, M.D.

Endocrinologist, Obesity, and Culinary Medicine Specialist

Dr. Narang is a leading endocrinologist, obesity, and culinary medicine specialist, and current Director of Obesity Medicine at her institution.

Dr. Narang’s career has been focused on helping her patients and the community understand how and what to eat in order to improve their overall health and chronic diseases. She has partnered with chefs and dietitians for years to bring lecture series and cooking demonstrations to her patients, community, and beyond to emphasize that healthy food does not have to be bland, boring, or difficult to put together. She strives to help her patients create a positive relationship with food. She is extremely passionate about combatting our epidemic of obesity through targeting our food environment – this often starts with educating and empowering our patients and community to continue these skills and habits long term to prevent long-term metabolic disease. Dr. Narang especially loves working with women at all stages of their lives, in addition to families navigating obesity and chronic disease. She is the co-founder of the Meet Ayla Community, to address metabolic health in women at all stages of their lives.

Dr. Narang has been featured in several national and global media outlets, including the BBC, CNN, and NPR, speaking on the obesity epidemic, diabetes, chronic medical weight management, and our food environment.

Instagram @dishanarangmd

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