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Charlie Moult

Breathwork facilitator and Chiropractor

Charlie is a trauma-informed Breathwork facilitator and Chiropractor with over 7 years in practice. Her work is centered around the relationship we have with our breath and body.

As this deepens, we can discover the keys to healing and transformation. She works mostly on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. Charlie has formed her unique style with foundational training in Conscious Connected Breathwork, clinical experience, training in trauma-informed practice, and time spent with the Shipibo tribe in Mexico.

Her sessions can help to build on the connection we have to the physical and emotional body as well as the connection to our energy body. She has worked with large corporations including Google, Amazon and Amex, and spent time with masters such as Gabor Mate and Joe Dispenza. She has worked with thousands of individuals to help them experience the power of the breath and sees her work as an immense privilege.

You can discover more about her sessions and membership here:

And via her Instagram: @charliemoult

Registered Chiropractor, Master of Chiropractic, BSc

Conscious Connected Breathwork training

Trauma-Informed practice with The Prana Foundation

Reiki Practitioner Level 2

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