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Barbie Boules, RDN, CHWC

Registered Dietitian

Barbie Boules is a registered dietitian, certified health coach, and meditation teacher with over 22 years of experience. In her practice, she works as a private coach, community educator, passionate speaker, popular corporate wellness programmer, and respected dietetic intern preceptor. She’s had the privilege of counseling thousands of men and women around the country on their journey to better health.

Barbie specializes in the unique needs of women over their 40s. She focuses on helping her clients achieve optimal metabolic and cognitive fitness without the unnecessary and unsustainable rules of fad dieting, and rather through a genuine understanding of what each client truly needs to transform their health for good.

Barbie takes an integrative approach that's evidence-based and holistic, emphasizing nourishing foods, quality sleep, daily movement, and developing solid stress skills. She is passionate about a mindful approach to healthy aging and executes a deep knowledge of the psychology and neuroscience behind our behavior surrounding food.

Instagram: @the_cognition_dietitian


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