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Post-birth Training

Expert: Ziggy Makant, Certified Pre Post Natal Coach

Length: 3 Sessions, 1 Hour Each

Price: 195 USD

Ziggy is an experienced Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and a Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach. In her Post-birth Training series she will take you through the appropriate strengthening exercises and teach you how to improve your posture and movements to recalibrate your body after the incredible journey of pregnancy and delivery.

Part 1: Re-connecting to the Pelvic Floor

The expected healing timeline of six week is often inadequate for women to return to work, exercise, and intercourse. The pelvic floor, which is the hammock of muscles that supports our pelvic organs takes a tremendous load during the duration of pregnancy, and requires more than basic clenching to function again. Particularly, if one has experienced a vaginal delivery, there is more trauma to the pelvic floor.

In this practical class we focus on learning to reconnect the breath and pelvic floor, and begin integrating some foundational strengthening and relaxing exercises to allow our pelvic muscles to experience both sensations. Walk away from this class feeling empowered, informed and connected to your musculature.

Suitable for women 6+ weeks postpartum with doctor or physio's clearance to exercise.

Part 2: Understanding and Healing Abdominal Separation

Abdominal separation (also known as diastasis recti) occurs in 100% of pregnancies. Sadly, many new and uninformed mothers can increase this separation accidentally by engaging in inappropriate "core" exercises to flatten their tummy, resulting in a wider gap, which can have an impact on the function of the muscles and appearance of the belly.

In this class we will practically cover how to self-check your abdominal separation, and begin to connect the pelvic floor to the deep core muscles to begin strengthening the connective tissue between the abdominals. We will start re-learning to control the intra-abdominal pressure, in order to both strengthen and close the gap.

Suitable for mothers 6+ weeks postpartum with doctor or physio's clearance to exercise.

Low impact. Babies welcome.

Part 3: Conscious Movement in Early Postpartum

After close to 10 months of pregnancy, the body has changed dramatically, and after birth, it shifts drastically, and tries to recalibrate. We sometimes move in a way that we would have during pregnancy, or try to return too quickly back to our pre-baby movement patterns. Instead, the happy medium is to re-learn and integrate safe, conscious movement to prevent further dysfunction and create a stronger foundation to transition back into the gym, sport, and day-to-day life.

In this class, we re-learn how to move functionally by mimicking our babies development; laying on our backs, rolling safely, progressing onto all fours and then standing. We integrate the foundational pelvic floor and core work throughout all of these functional progressions.

Suitable for mothers 6+ weeks postpartum with doctor physio's clearance to exercise.

Low Impact. Babies Welcome

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