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Breathe Yourself Strong

Expert: Aigul Safiullina, Certified Breathwork Practitioner

Length: 3 Sessions, 1 Hour Each

Price: 225 USD

It’s been scientifically proven that conscious breathing is the fastest and most impactful way to regulate our nervous system, improve our sleep & digestion and to balance emotions. But to feel the long term benefits you need to practice daily. Join this 3-week series with Aigul and work towards your goals - whether you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, or to get more energy and stamina in your daily life.

Part 1: Detox & declutter

Did you know that 70% of our body waste is released through the breath? In this session, we will go through the tools & techniques to help us get rid of thoughts & emotions that don’t serve us anymore. You will learn the mechanism behind the cleansing process both for your body, mind and emotions.

Part 2: Master the tools / Activate the main muscles

In this session, we will explore the most powerful - and also least appreciated - muscle in our body: the diaphragm. You will master the breathing techniques that aim to activate it alongside other muscles that will help to restore the anatomically congruous and biomechanically sound way of breathing.

Part 3: Master your daily life breath

Mastery requires constant practice. In this session, we will reinforce the breathing techniques and their practical application in daily life. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to create a routine that will help you to be bulletproof from any external events and to thrive from within.

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