The Healing Month Diet

Duration: 1h30

Group Session: $120 USD

One-on-One Session: $230 USD

The Healing Month Diet will bring the new mommy, both short term and long-term benefits and will create a platform of health that will follow her for the rest of her life. From hormone balance, reduced chances of postpartum depression, improved brain function, renewed energy, strong digestion, uterus health, and better-quality sleep, and calmer nerves/emotions, rejuvenated skin and weight loss (although that is not the goal, just one of the bonus side effects), the new mommy can fuel the body’s natural healing phase during the post-birth phase.

In this session you will discover:
- The nutritional guidelines for post-natal healing and why they are crucial to your recover

- Information on how diet should be tailored to the healing timeline of the body

- List of ingredients to be used during post-birth healing

- Guidelines on food preparation

- Recipes