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The Breastfeeding Diet

Duration:1 Hour

Live online session with the expert: $ 150 USD

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Many health professionals and public health authorities cite that “breast milk is the best for infants", which is sometimes interpreted to mean that breast milk composition is fixed and not influenced by external factors, such as a mother’s diet.
Yet, even with all of its well-documented benefits, a growing body of research indicates that the nutritional content of breast milk is influenced by a mother’s diet and nutrient stores. This is of particular importance for those who have inadequate nutrient intake before, during, or after pregnancy.

This class will take a closer look at the nutritional variation in breast milk, nutrients that are affected by maternal intake, and strategies to boost the nutritional value to ensure breastfed infants receive adequate intake. Specific discussion of traditional nutrient-dense foods and their use cross culturally will be highlighted.

• Nutritional benefits of breastfeeding
• How maternal intake and nutrient status impacts the nutritional value of breastmilk
• Practical strategies to support breastfeeding mothers with nutrient-dense foods and/or appropriate supplementation

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