Sync Your Exercise with Your Cycle

Duration: 1 Hour

Group Session: $100 USD

One-on-One Session: $200 USD

Did you know that your menstrual cycle can tell you so much about how your current training, recovery and nutrition regime is working for you? If you would like to know how and why to track your cycle and how this can help you to get the most out of your training, this class is for you.

In this class, we will discuss:
-The changes to your hormones, and the likely changes in your body and your energy levels at each phase of your cycle.
- How and why tracking your cycle can be beneficial.
- The science so far into adapting your training to the phases of your cycle.
- Learning when it might be best to push hard for personal bests and when you may want to shift your focus to recovery.

The sessions can fill up quick, so if you do not find a spot, or the times available do not work for you, please reach out at and we will work together to find a solution for you.