Preparing for a Better Birth: Part 2

Duration: 1h30

Group Session: $120 USD

One-on-One Session: $230 USD

Expert: Lindsay Parfitt, The Calm Birth School Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

Birth is something we can’t rehearse, at least not in the physical sense, but there are tools that we can tap into to help prepare ourselves for a Better Birth.

This class will teach you how to use visualisation in preparation for birth to help release worries and fears, but also how to use it during labour for a more comfortable and effective birth.

You will learn tools for yourself and your birth partner that will help you take charge of your birth and have a positive experience no matter the birth path. We know that instances of post natal depression and experiences of trauma are significantly increased when women feel as though birth has happened “to them” rather than them being part of the process, so we will cover the very important topic of coping with the unexpected during labour, asking the right questions and how your partner can support you for an empowered and positive experience.

This class is open to women from 20 weeks of pregnancy. Partners are encouraged to join the class, but it can also be taken individually. We may discuss birthing alone and using these skills for Caesarean birth depending on student’s needs.