Preparing for a Better Birth: Part 1

Duration: 1h30

Group Session: $120 USD

One-on-One Session: $230 USD

Expert: Lindsay Parfitt, The Calm Birth School Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

If you’re looking to transform the way the you think and feel about birth, then this class is for you. This class is designed to show you how negative thoughts, worries or fears surrounding birth can affect the birth process, and what you can do to manage them.

By exploring how our mind impacts our body, in particular our birth hormones, this class will teach you what we can do to have a better birth experience physically and mentally, including learning breathing techniques to help you through each stage of labour.

We’ll also talk about creating a better birth environments, whether you are birthing in the Public or Private system, and answer the question on every mother’s mind, will my birth be really painful?

This class is open to women from 20 weeks of pregnancy. Partners are encouraged to join the class, but it can also be taken individually. We may discuss birthing alone and using these skills for Caesarean birth depending on student’s needs.