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The sessions can fill up quick, so if you do not find a spot, or the times available do not work for you, please reach out at and we will work together to find a solution for you.

Gut a Problem?

Duration: 1 Hour

Live online session with the expert: $200 USD

💕 Gift this session to a loved one 💕

If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions we have a class specially designed for you:
- Do you often feel sluggish and out of energy?
- Do you have eczema?
- Have you sustained a concussion or head trauma in the past?
- Do you experience bloating, gas and/or acid reflux?
- Do you have food intolerances?
- Are you dealing with thyroid issues?
- Do you experience brain fog?

This class gives pertinent information about the workings of the gut, empowering you with the knowledge on how to improve it. You will learn many practical tips to start to rebuild your gut and how to maintain good gut health.

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