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Advanced Ayurvedic Methods for a Healthy Menstruation

All stages of life should be devoted to celebrating womanhood. Sadly, due to the discomfort we will experience during our menstrual cycle, some of us are unable to properly enjoy womanhood. Menstruation is frequently viewed in popular society as an inconvenience that interferes with women's daily lives. You are compelled to believe what the culture around you says about how common it is to have these symptoms.

Contrarily, Ayurveda views the menstrual cycle as a window into the health of the human body, providing important information about the reproductive and general health of women. Women have the chance to determine their monthly health status through their menstrual cycle. It serves to remove toxins from the body in addition to preparing the body for pregnancy and preparing for conception. The menstrual cycle is governed by doshas, in accordance with Ayurveda. Each phase is governed by each Dosha. Our menstrual cycle will mirror whatever dosha imbalance we could be experiencing.

Herein lies the significance of Ayurvedic approach to menstruation where it is clearly mentioned in Samhitas (ancient text books) what a normal menstrual cycle entails and what needs to be taken care of. Understanding each menstrual cycle phase and how to modify diet and lifestyle to coincide with each phase.

Menstruation is treated separately in Ayurveda under RAJASWALA CHARYA (the guidelines to follow for healthy menstruation)- The ayurvedic way of lifestyle, diet, and rules to abide by for a pain-free, healthy menstrual cycle.

Join with us to have a clear idea about your phases of menstrual cycle and the holistic approach in each phase for a healthy menstruation.

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