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The sessions can fill up quick, so if you do not find a spot, or the times available do not work for you, please reach out at and we will work together to find a solution for you.

Achieve Better Sleep Quality

Duration: 1 Hour

Live online session with the expert: $200 USD

💕 Gift this session to a loved one 💕

Good sleep is the foundation of our health. In this fascinating talk, learn about what actually happens to our brain and body whilst we sleep, and how it impacts almost every aspect of both our mental and physical health. Most importantly, learn how to achieve better sleep quality in order to feel your best each day, through practical, take home tips that you can start applying straight away.

How much sleep do I need? How do I know if I get enough deep sleep? How do I fall asleep easier at night and feel energized on waking? Can I catch up on sleep at the weekends? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during this one hour talk on the secrets of good sleep.

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