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Expecting Twins?

WOW you are expecting twins! What an amazing blessing, but also an experience that is unique on its own. As you will soon discover, your experience from pregnancy to the return home will have unique challenges that those around you, simply cannot understand or guide you on. This class is for twin mamas that are looking to understand how to best manage this amazing experience during their pregnancy and into the first year.

The Breastfeeding Diet

This class will take a closer look at the nutritional variation in breast milk, nutrients that are affected by maternal intake, and strategies to boost the nutritional value to ensure breastfed infants receive adequate intake. Specific discussion of traditional nutrient-dense foods and their use cross culturally will be highlighted.

Prenatal Yoga for 3rd Trimester

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time to prepare for labour and birth. This prenatal yoga session is aimed at sharing mindfulness and breathing tools that can assist with relaxation for good sleep and pain management for labour. You will relieve many aches & pains, and tone muscles to build endurance through asana practice. It introduces birth positions and ways to cultivate a positive mindset for an empowering birth.

Prenatal Yoga for 2nd Trimester

Usually known as the honeymoon of pregnancy when women start to feel increased levels of energy, less nausea and are delighted that their baby belly is actually starting to show. This session is aimed at sharing ways to nurture an optimal pregnancy using the yoga asana, intention setting and meditation techniques specifically suited for women during their 2nd Trimester.

Prenatal Yoga for 1st Trimester

The discovery of a new pregnancy brings multiple transitions for a woman, which calls for a modified asana practice for women who wish to begin or continue a yoga practice throughout their pregnancy. This session is a gentler yoga practice with restorative and gentle flow alongside relaxation and intention setting to celebrate their new phase of life.

The Targeted Dietary Plan for Menopause

“I just can’t eat like I used to” is one of the first signs that your body is shifting into the peri-menopause / menopause phase. Yes indeed, digestive issues are but the tip of the midlife iceberg. During this time your body will experience loss of muscle, hormone imbalances, loss of energy, impaired cognitive abilities.

The good news is that through a targeted dietary plan, many of these health issues can be minimized, certain complications can be altogether avoided and you will create a solid foundation of mental and physical strength.

Preparing for a Better C-Section Birth

Do you have a planned C-section birth? In this class you will discover how to make empowered choices, letting you and your birth partner be an active part of your positive birth experience. 

Emotional Self-regulation: Neurobiology of stress, anxiety and overwhelm

This session aims to help women with practical tools enabling them to interrupt the escalating states of anxiety and agitation towards safety, ease and expansion - a space from where we can actually access our many resources and a wider range of adaptive responses.

Building Your Child’s Immune System

When you understand how to support your child’s immune system, you’re better equipped to help it function at an optimal level. With ever-changing health concerns arising, including our current pandemic environment, your children will continually face new challenges during their health journey. In this class you will learn how to mitigate those challenges and how to ensure that your children stay and remain healthy.

The Best Diet for YOU

In this class, you will gain a practical insight of macronutrients and micronutrients (teaser: protein isn’t first used for muscle building!), how to put together a diet that could work for you as a special unique individual in the long term, and what factors to consider when doing so.

Demystifying Pelvic Organ Prolapse

In this course we will learn what a pelvic organ prolapse is, who may be at risk, the symptoms and what treatment options are out there to help women maintain excellent quality of life and an active lifestyle.