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Your Pregnant Body - Limiting Aches and Pains

Duration: 1h30

MeetMumz Class: $50 USD

One-on-One Session: $230 USD

This class is designed for women who wish to get pregnant and expectant mothers who are looking to understand their body better through their pregnancy journey.

Being pregnant can be an overwhelming journey for many woman and it is often a surprise how much the body changes... whether it’s physical or physiological. Understanding and being aware of what can happen to your body during the different stages of pregnancy is the key to a healthy journey and helps to create an healthy environment for your baby.

Your posture changes a lot as your bump grows and with the additional hormonal changes, this can put stress and strain in different areas. Understanding how to optimise your work environment, home and sleep positions and how to look after your body at this time is important.

You may be experiencing pain and discomfort and looking for self-care tips, or simply wanting to know what to expect and understand how to look after your body as it changes. This class is also a great opportunity for partners to understand the pregnancy process and to get involved in supporting mothers throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

Juliette is a registered Osteopath who has developed as a specialist in the management of pregnant women.

In this course Juliette will share with you:
- How your body changes in pregnancy; anatomy, hormones and posture
- Changes with each trimester
- Common areas that may cause discomfort and why
- Advice around posture / sleep positions
- Her top 5 strength exercises and top 5 stretches to keep symptoms away

Getting prepared to carry a child includes preparing your body and mind. Awareness about what to expect is key to optimising health and well-being.

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