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In learning how to work with our biology, as opposed to against it, and by normalizing attachment and responsiveness in the mother-baby dyad, this session aims to leave you feeling confident, capable and ready to thrive.

Breastfeeding: What’s Normal?

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If you are feeling a little confused by conflicting information about what you can and can't do at each of the 3 trimesters, and would like sensible, empowering and evidence-based advice from the most up-to-date guidelines, this class is for you!

Exercise in Pregnancy

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Being pregnant can be an overwhelming journey for many women and it is often a surprise how much the body changes... whether it’s physical or physiological. Understanding and being aware of what can happen to your body during the different stages of pregnancy is the key to a healthy journey and helps to create an healthy environment for your baby.

Your Pregnant Body - Limiting Aches and Pains

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