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Pregnancy loss - Healing the body, soothing the mind 

One in every four pregnancies ends, but sadly pregnancy loss remains a taboo topic, which leaves the women who have experienced it suffering in silence and alone.  This means that women will not take pause to heal their bodies and minds and will inevitably carry this pain both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives.  


In our miscarriage series we offer one class which supports the woman in healing and strengthening her body after a pregnancy loss, and the other which supports women in processing their emotions.

Healing the Body after a Pregnancy Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine views a pregnancy loss as a traumatic event that is more serious for the woman's health than the natural delivery of a baby after full term.

Gigi Ngan

TCM Practitioner

Moving Forward after a Pregnancy Loss

The loss of a pregnancy or unwanted abortion is a specific type of loss that affects more women than we can imagine. It's the loss of something you have felt and yet never touched, it's the loss of a potential reality that didn't actualize, and the loss of a role that you were meaning to play.

Sonia Satami

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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