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Menstrual Cycle Health Classes

Advanced Ayurvedic Methods for a Healthy Menstruation

All stages of life should be devoted to celebrating womanhood. Sadly, due to the discomfort we will experience during our menstrual cycle, some of us are unable to properly enjoy womanhood.

Menstruation is frequently viewed in popular society as an inconvenience that interferes with women's daily lives. You are compelled to believe what the culture around you says about how common it is to have these symptoms.

Dr. Jeethu Ramachandran

Ayurvedic Physician

Regulating Menstruation

Do you know if your period is healthy and normal? Do you know if you are ovulating? Are your hormone levels high enough to stay pregnant?

Learn how to watch for the signs of a healthy cycle, get pregnant when you want to and avoid getting pregnant when you DON'T want to, be prepared to talk to your doctor armed with data and knowledge.

Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopath Doctor

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