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Menopause – The Adolescence of Older Age

Society still views the menopause as an embarrassing affliction to be kept under wraps.  Yet, three in five menopausal women report symptoms that interfere or have a negative impact on their wellbeing. Clearly, this is an issue that calls for greater support. 

The Targeted Dietary Plan for Perimenopause

“I just can’t eat like I used to” is one of the first signs that your body is shifting into the peri-menopause phase. Yes indeed, digestive issues are but the tip of the midlife iceberg. During this time your body can experience loss of muscle, hormone imbalances, loss of energy, impaired cognitive abilities.

The good news is that through a targeted dietary plan, many of these health issues can be minimized, certain complications can be altogether avoided and you will create a solid foundation of mental and physical strength.

Dr Emilie Berthet Clairet

Doctor in Medicine (FR)
Holistic Nutritionist
Certified in Sport and Nutrition

Menopause: The Second Spring

Menopause is a period that can be isolating for a woman’s personal and professional life. In this session Dr. Katherine Dale will help you take stock of where you are and guide you in redirecting your energy into a place where you can use this time in your life to thrive both personally and professionally.

Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopathic Doctor

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