The Mind-body Connection

🎶 The mind bone’s connected to the body bone. The body bone’s connected to the…🎶 ok, they’re connected, but not quite like this.  You see, all too often when we think about healing, we think about restoring one part at a time. The truth is, everything is connected, so a stronger mind means a stronger body and vice versa.


Explore the classes below and discover the different ways you can support and boost your mental and physical wellbeing.  

Emotional Self-regulation: Neurobiology of stress, anxiety and overwhelm

This session aims to help women with practical tools enabling them to interrupt the escalating states of anxiety and agitation towards safety, ease and expansion - a space from where we can actually access our many resources and a wider range of adaptive responses.

Elena Kisel

Mental Health Counsellor

Breathwork for Energy

Did you know that the quality of breath has been proven to significantly improve our energy and help us perform at our best?

This class will combine breathwork with gentle movement to awaken your primary breathing muscles and promote the efficient distribution of oxygen and blood in your body.

Aigul Safiullina

Certified Breathwork Practitioner

Achieve Better Sleep Quality

In this fascinating talk, learn about what actually happens to our brain and body whilst we sleep, and how it impacts almost every aspect of both our mental and physical health. Most importantly, learn how to achieve better sleep quality in order to feel your best each day, through practical, take home tips that you can start applying straight away.

Kate Bridle

Sleep Physiologist

Breathwork for Stress Relief

Conscious breathing is directly linked to an improvement of all functions in our body: stronger immune system, regular heart rate, reduced blood pressure, balanced digestion, reduced inflammation… even our posture improves!

Aigul Safiullina

Certified Breathwork Practitioner


Demystifying Pelvic Organ Prolapse

In this course we will learn what a pelvic organ prolapse is, who may be at risk, the symptoms and what treatment options are out there to help women maintain excellent quality of life and an active lifestyle.

Hazel Walpole


Pelvic Pain

In this class we create a gentle and comfortable place where we can discuss and learn about pelvic pain syndromes in the knowledge that we are not alone and that help is at hand.

Hazel Walpole


Pelvic Floor Health

Unfortunately, many women let pelvic floor issues affect their daily lives for years prior to seeking treatment, if at all. Many worry about coughing or sneezing in public for fear of having an accident, or avoid social and work situations, or being active.

BUT many forms of pelvic floor issues can be easily treated! Understand how and why in our classes focused on pelvic health.

Hazel Walpole



The Best Diet for YOU

In this class, you will gain a practical insight of macronutrients and micronutrients (teaser: protein isn’t first used for muscle building!), how to put together a diet that could work for you as a special unique individual in the long term, and what factors to consider when doing so.

Tricia Yap

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Gut a Problem?

This class gives pertinent information about the workings of the gut, empowering you with the knowledge on how to improve it. You will learn many practical tips to start to rebuild your gut and how to maintain good gut health.

Tricia Yap

Functional Medicine Health Coach


Sync Your Exercise with Your Cycle

Did you know that your menstrual cycle can tell you so much about how your current training, recovery and nutrition regime is working for you? If you would like to know how and why to track your cycle and how this can help you to get the most out of your training, this class is for you.

Emma Warner

Women's Health Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Regulating Menstruation

Do you know if your period is healthy and normal? Do you know if you are ovulating? Are your hormone levels high enough to stay pregnant?

Learn how to watch for the signs of a healthy cycle, get pregnant when you want to and avoid getting pregnant when you DON'T want to, be prepared to talk to your doctor armed with data and knowledge.

Dr. Katherine Dale

Naturopath Doctor


Building Your Child’s Immune System

When you understand how to support your child’s immune system, you’re better equipped to help it function at an optimal level. With ever-changing health concerns arising, including our current pandemic environment, your children will continually face new challenges during their health journey. In this class you will learn how to mitigate those challenges and how to ensure that your children stay and remain healthy.

Dr. Ji Woon Min

Naturopathic Doctor

From Lovers to Parents

This Intimacy and Connection class is designed to help you navigate the disruptive shifts in couple’s dynamics brought on by pregnancy and children and offer practical tips and strategies to rediscover or recreate your very own personal Lover’s Bubble.

Valentina Tudose

Relationship Coach

The Healing Power of Self-Awareness

Only you can bring the gift of inner peace to yourself. Only you can learn to free your mind from stress, anxiety, self-doubt and depression. Through positive self-awareness, you can build a lasting and solid foundation for improved mental health.

Valery Molone

Board Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Performance Coach