Pre and Post Natal Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Flora is a Women’s health personal trainer and rehab specialist.


As a mother of 3 little girls she knows first-hand some of the challenges pregnant women face during pregnancy and after delivery and is passionate about supporting women to stay fit, active and healthy and to safely restore their movement and strength post-natally. At each stage of pregnancy Flora will facilitate women to exercise and eat in the most optimal and safe way for mother and baby, whilst adopting a personalised approach to tailor exactly what you need. She is specialised in the restoration of the core and pelvic floor post-natally and works closely with women to help them regain their function and be prepared for the new challenges of mum-life. 


Flora has done several courses in pre and post natal, most recently completing her Burell education ‘Advanced Level 2 Pre and Post natal wellness practitioner’ course. Flora has a background as a movement and posture therapist and previously ran several pilates and bootcamp classes for both pregnant and non-pregnant women adding to her wealth of expertise.


  • Pre and Post Natal Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

  • Bachelor of Health- University of applied science Utrecht: Bachelor Kinetics and exercise/motion/posture therapy (Cesar)

  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer

  • Certified Pilates trainer

  • Certified ‘Precision Nutrition Coach’, level 1

  • Burrell Education - Advanced Pre and Post Natal