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I am Gigi Ngan, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner accredited from one of the most respected TCM universities in the world - Hong Kong University.  

I practice clinically in Hong Kong and I specialise in women's health matters - including menstrual cycle health, fertility, postpartum healing and midlife/ menopause health.

You can book here a 30 minute session with me and we can connect online and discuss:

  • Menstrual cycle.  I will help you understand the very important role that the menstrual cycle plays in women’s health and how you can support that.  Your period is a report card on your health, let's see together how you can have the best period - period. 

  • Fertility.  The goal of TCM is to create an internal environment where blood and energy flow smoothly through your reproductive organs.  I can explain how TCM can support both natural and assisted (IVF) fertility process

  • Postpartum health rituals.  Postpartum care rituals that help the new mom strengthen her body postpartum, heal, manage breastfeeding and much more.  If you want to understand more about this or have questions about your current postpartum plan let’s connect here and discuss

  • Menopause and midlife health.  TCM recognizes menopause as part of the natural aging process and is often termed Kidney Yin Deficiency. I can help you understand the needs during this time and how TCM improves quality of life during midlife and beyond

You can book your session here and I will guide you to demystify the wisdom that TCM brings to women’s health.   I speak English and Cantonese and Mandarin.

Duration of each session:  30 minutes

Cost of each session: $50 USD


Open Discussions are online live sessions between yourself and the expert where you can discuss anything that is within the expert's field of expertise.  Follow the Book an Open Discussion link and you will be directed to the expert's Schedulista Calendar where you can book and pay for your session.  Once booked you will receive an email with the Zoom link to be used at the time of your scheduled session.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  

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