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I am Dr. Emilie Berthet Clairet, Doctor in Medicine specialising in the field of human biology.  After becoming a mother of three, I turned my attention to my greatest passions: nutrition, fitness and holistic health and became a certified Holistic Nutritionist.

My comprehensive medical and holistic background aids me to accompany each woman to a healthy diet that is adapted to their lifestyle and health condition. Thanks to a specialisation in human microbiology, I often work more specifically on rebalancing the gut, our “second brain”.

Here are matters that I can support women with during our sessions:

- Understand how you can improve your gut health at any point in your life.

- Create an adapted diet plan to support your body during the peri/menopause transition. Understand how a targeted dietary plan can help you support your body during this transition and create a solid foundation of mental and physical strength

- Guidance on optimizing your diet for your body type and lifestyle. A “healthy habit” is only really healthy if you keep it for good.

Our sessions can be conducted in both English or French language.

Duration of each session:  40 minutes

Cost of each session: $85 USD


Open Discussions are online live sessions between yourself and the expert where you can discuss anything that is within the expert's field of expertise.  Follow the Book an Open Discussion link and you will be directed to the expert's Schedulista Calendar where you can book and pay for your session.  Once booked you will receive an email with the Zoom link to be used at the time of your scheduled session.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  

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