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We work with employers and private medical insurers to provide individuals with physical, mental and emotional support when they need it most, connecting them to accredited experts on the health matters that matter to them.


Unlike other platforms, however, our offerings go much deeper. We deal with some difficult, but important subjects that are almost never covered – pregnancy loss, menopause, twins support, pelvic floor, menstrual cycle and hormones.  These sensitive subjects won’t go away, which is why we discuss them openly and honestly.


Our live and interactive online classes are available in groups of ten, or as private consultations. This allows for employees and clients to join from the comfort of their private space; enabling them to discuss the subject one-on-one with the experts or to link to a community of likeminded women. In either case it will be easy for them to truly engage and have their concerns heard. 


Working with OM, well, works. 

Recent studies have shown that 77% of employees reported improved health from employee health assistance programs.  Also “physical wellbeing benefits” comes top of mind as employee benefits that are appreciated.


If you want to ensure you are supporting your employees as best as they can be supported, while ensuring their wellbeing is at the top of your agenda, let’s discuss how we can work together.

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