Our classes are informational sessions on specific topics.   Each topic is fully explored by the expert in a simple and clear method to ensure complete understanding. The end goal of every class is to promote honest, open dialogue, followed by wellness advice and healing tools as proposed by the experts.


These classes are NOT pre-recorded.  Each expert will host the class live so that you can have any questions answered right way and understand how to apply the answer to your own body.


If you prefer a more private session you can book a one-one-one class with an expert as well.

Breastfeeding: What’s Normal?

In learning how to work with our biology, as opposed to against it, and by normalizing attachment and responsiveness in the mother-baby dyad, this session aims to leave you feeling confident, capable and ready to thrive.

Louise Herbert

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

The Targeted Dietary Plan for Peri/Menopause

“I just can’t eat like I used to” is one of the first signs that your body is shifting into the peri-menopause / menopause phase. Yes indeed, digestive issues are but the tip of the midlife iceberg. During this time your body will experience loss of muscle, hormone imbalances, loss of energy, impaired cognitive abilities.

The good news is that through a targeted dietary plan, many of these health issues can be minimized, certain complications can be altogether avoided and you will create a solid foundation of mental and physical strength.

Dr Emilie Berthet Clairet

Doctor in Medicine (FR)
Holistic Nutritionist
Certified in Sport and Nutrition

Pelvic Floor Health

Unfortunately, many women let pelvic floor issues affect their daily lives for years prior to seeking treatment, if at all. Many worry about coughing or sneezing in public for fear of having an accident, or avoid social and work situations, or being active.

BUT many forms of pelvic floor issues can be easily treated! Understand how and why in this class.

Hazel Walpole