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For women, health is the ultimate glass ceiling. 

And for too many of us, the tools we have make it impossible to “win” at health.

Why we wrote this book

The fact is, almost nothing in our global health marketplace is designed to serve and heal women. From external factors like the global male-centric medical model, the predatory wellness industry, and the commoditization of traditional health practices, to internal challenges like stacked societal and familial expectations and our need to power through at all costs, women are beset with health-related obstacles from all sides. 


The information you’re about to discover isn’t likely to turn up during your standard Google search. The media certainly isn’t featuring this information. The wellness websites aren’t pumping out this content every hour. Most general practitioners and OB-GYNs aren’t sharing it; in fact, unless they’ve made women’s health outcomes an area of specialty, they likely don’t know it exists.

The science and stories we share in this book may shock, anger, and frustrate you. You may feel, that nearly everything you’ve previously learned about health and wellness is wrong. You may get the sense that the entire system is broken—and, in many ways, it is. Yet, our goal is not simply to share what’s wrong, but also to present a path to reclaim the narrative around your health and show you what you can do to take back control of your health journey.

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 Anca Griffiths, Marjorie Jenkins, MD and Alyson McGregor, MD, tackle the complex issue of the women’s global health marketplace. With bold insights and piercing clarity, they expose the hidden issues within our current systems, break down the four key reasons why women aren’t winning at health, and show you what you can do to take back control of your health journey. 

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