What is OM?

We’re glad you asked. And truthfully, there isn’t just one answer to this question.


To start, we’re a safe space for women to identify, address, and talk about their health concerns openly and honestly. For the record, we don’t take these concerns lightly. You see, throughout a woman’s health journey there are several milestones she’ll inevitably face. Whatever they may be, OM is there at every step offering support and guidance in both preventative and restorative measures.


We’re also a trusted resource that partners with the leading accredited health experts. It’s these experts that offer their knowledge live and in-person in our online sessions to provide you with the tools and information to not only help you heal, but flourish.  


And just as important, we’re a platform that’s aiming to build a diverse, fun, and community-driven program to help empower women the world over. 


Told you there wasn’t just one answer to that question.